Brewview#76: Highland Lager by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Accompanying on our trip home from Rochester were numerous beers from the different breweries we visited. Highland Lager was one of them and I have been excited ever since to crack one open and share my thoughts.

Coming out of Rohrbach’s Classic Series, Highland Lager has been around for quite some time and for a good reason. I was able to enjoy one fresh off the tap at Rohrbach’s Beer Hall and it was very refreshing. After finishing my pint I knew without a doubt I would be bringing some home for a ‘Brewview.’ So here we are, I hope you enjoy the read.

The Beer: Highland Lager by Rohrbach Brewing Company

Style: Amber Lager

ABV: 5.0% IBU:11

Malts: Vienna



Brewer’s Thoughts

On their website it is not at all difficult to find the wide variety of beer Rohbrach’s provides. If you look under the Classic Series section you will find Highland Lager is the second beer listed. With this comes a short but very true description of Highland Lager.

‘An amber lager brewed with Munich, Vienna, and wheat malts to give the beer a subtle toasty flavor.’

Crack It Open

After cracking the can I was hit with some pleasant bread and malt aromas. Very soft but very reassuring that a great beer was to follow. What I find intriguing is that once I poured the beer the aromas changed suddenly. Instead I was getting more of a roasted malt aroma. Both the Vienna and Munich malts give Highland Lager a great first impression. Not only with the aromas but also with the appearance. Being an amber lager there is no surprise at the amber color. What’s more surprising and appealing is the aura emitted. It’s not simply amber but possess a darker characteristic that in my eyes give the beer a more intriguing color. Very crisp appearance with it being crystal clear, if it wasn’t for the dark nature of the malts it would be easy to see right through your glass. Let’s not forget the wheat malts though, they provide a strong head with excellent retention to it.

All around Highland Lager starts off on the right foot.

Sip Time

Right off the bat Highland Lager show its strength in the flavor category. In the beginning of the sip Highland possess a crisp lager flavor with a light malt characteristic. After this point the ‘toasty flavor’ begins to set in. Once you hit mid sip there is an excellent roasted malt flavor that is accompanied by the beginning of a creamy mouthfeel. Towards the back end the roasted flavor remains but I am getting a stronger presence of that refreshing lager flavor. There is absolutely no bitterness to this beer, making Highland Lager even more refreshing. The aftertaste leaves you wanting more even if you’re glass is empty. A nice crisp lager flavor with a roasted malt accent. The mouthfeel is the perfect topper for Highland Lager. I’m thinking the wheat malt may be guilty of this perfection. It possesses the perfect amount of creaminess that engulfs your entire mouth and lingers with the malt aftertaste.

Concluding Thoughts

Highland Lager is the perfect beer for any occasion. Not only is it light in the ABV realm, topping of at 5.0%, but the beer in its entirety is pure gold. From the soft aromas to the creamy mouthfeel and aftertaste combination. There is not one complaint I could think of for Highland Lager. If you’re looking for a crisp, drinkable and flavorful lager you have found the end of the rainbow.


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