Flagship 4.0: Flying Bison Brewing Company

Our second beer from Flying Bison is the first IPA I have ever had at the brewery, their 716 IPA. 716 IPA is available year round whether you have it on draft at the brewery or find it in distribution. Flying Bison labels this IPA as a Buffalo-Style India Pale Ale which I agree with because the punch it packs with its west coast feel but also the amazing malt flavor.

The Beer: 716 IPA by Flying Bison Brewing Company

Style: Buffalo India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.4% IBU:50

Malts: UK Pale

NY Craft Malt Erie Canal Pale

Hops: Centennial




Brewer’s Thoughts

Similar to Larkin Lager there are two descriptions you can find telling us about 716 IPA.

On the bottle:

‘716 IPA is a Buffalo-Style IPA. We use pale malts as our base, then layer west-coast U.S. hop varieties, and finish with Galaxy hops for a bright, hoppy, bouquet. We hope you enjoy the complex layers of delicious hop flavor.

Happy Hopping!’

On their website:

Our Beers

‘Medium bodied American India Pale Ale using the best UK Pale malt and citrusy, aromatic US hops. The bold hop aromas, flavors, and bitterness are supported/balanced by a solid malt backbone.’

Cracking into the 716

Once I opened the bottle and started to pour I was instantly hit with some delicious hop aromas. There was no hiding from these aromas, they filled the immediate area with no hesitation. After my glass was full and I was able to get a good sniff, it was quite easy to differentiate between the aromas. Each hop used seems to have a hand in the aromas. First and foremost the strongest aromas come from the Centennial and Cascade, giving a nice citrusy hop boldness to the aromas. From their it seems to be a mix of a soft fruity aroma with a strong appreciation for apricot specifically. Besides the citrus aromas the rest are very soft and mellows out the citrus a little. With that said, there is a still a touch of hop bitterness noticeable in the aromas.

The color of 716 IPA is exactly what you would expect a slightly pale straw but more golden color and crystal clear. There is a very small head on top and a nice residue left on the side of my glass.

Getting A Taste

716 IPA is indeed a complex beer with the layering of hops. It’s not as easy flavor wise to distinguish as it was with the aromas. But I will say one thing, the ‘solid malt backbone’ that Flying Bison spoke of is spot on and does well to balance out the hops.

Let’s see if we can distinguish these flavors.

It seems in the beginning there is more of a bitter citrus hop flavor in the beginning with that soft note of apricot in the background. Once I hit mid sip I am noticing more of that malt backbone, this seems to mellow out the bitterness a little bit. But it sure doesn’t hold it back completely. Mid sip I am noticing a touch of dank and fruitiness as well. Though this is after sitting on it for a while ensuring I am getting the full extent of the beer.

Moving from mid sip to swallow there are some flavor changes that are interesting. At the beginning of this point the bitterness seems to mellow out but only for a quick second. Then right after this there is a spike of bitterness that again mellows as quickly as it showed up. It’s a surge of dank and citrus hop flavor with a bitter punch. Once it mellows there is a soft finish but soon after the aftertaste kicks in. This is compiled of citrus and dank flavors, resting on a bitterness that I’d say is very close to 50 IBUs.

Very complex, like I said it was difficult to distinguish between the hops flavors at times. And even now that I opened my second bottle I’m noticing a bit more. If I’m not mistaken there seems to be some apricot with each swallow and then even some in the aftertaste.

Who knows, maybe what I need to do is drink a full six pack and rigorously takes notes. I wouldn’t mind drinking them though I’m sure my notes will start to suffer a bit as each bottle becomes empty.

Finishing Thoughts

716 IPA is absolutely a Buffalo-Style IPA. With the west-coast hop aggression combined with the balancing nature of the malt, 716 IPA possesses an east-coast IPA feel. Though the hop presence may be a bit too strong for that exact label. If what you’re looking for is a hop complex IPA with a noticeable malt presence 716 IPA is a beer you should be trying soon. As complex as it may have been, the flavors flow very well together making this a well crafted IPA. One worthy of the Buffalo name!


Stay safe out there friends.


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2 thoughts on “Flagship 4.0: Flying Bison Brewing Company

  1. So you feel like in general Buffalo beers are hop heavy?

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    1. I’d say there is a mix. We have those that like the traditional styles more, as well as the malts. And there are definitely those that like the hops. This one is a good mix with the malt balancing the hops, though the hops are still the main stage. Flying Bison’s All American City IPA is the perfect example of an east Coast IPA. The malts balance perfectly with the hops.

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